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    SOAR: A MEMOIR -- One Woman's Determination To Live A Full And Eventful Life While Battling Sickle Cell Disease

    By Gail Campbell Woolley

     Gail Campbell Woolley

    Gail Campbell Woolley’s Voice Humanizes the Disease That Approximately 100,000 African Americans Currently Suffer From With No Hope For A Cure And Proper Medical Treatment

    Gail Campbell Woolley died on March 16, 2015 after battling sickle cell anemia, a rare, painful, and misunderstood blood disease that affects mostly people of color.

    The publication of her memoir, SOAR, was her last dying wish and precious gift from her husband, Howard, who is having it published posthumously. It will be available for sale on December 12, 2017 from Bolden Books.

    After being diagnosed at age 7 with sickle cell disease, and given a death sentence by her pediatrician – he said she would only reach 35 years old -- Gail Woolley was determined to live a full, exciting and eventful life despite her diagnosis. She didn’t waste one moment’s breath. Her strong will and determined spirit propelled her to surpass the pediatrician’s death sentence, living until the age of 58.

    Woolley’s powerful story sheds light on the suffering from this horrific illness, and raises awareness of this overlooked disease that affects the African American community. It lacks proper treatment and funding for research. In sharing her story, Woolley hoped to change the quality of care for those suffering and living with this illness, and to pursue a cure for this genetic condition that affects an estimated 100,000 people in the U.S. alone.


    Resurrect Your Dead Marriage

    By Reginald and Renea Morris

    Resurrect Your Dead Marriage

    Reginald and Renea Morris have been married for 30 years, surviving 3 separations and a contested divorce. God' has healed their tumultuous relationship, and called them to minister to marriages around the country.

    “The fact is that the book saved our marriage. We did everything it says to do and are able to have inner peace, peace at home and bring God to the center of it. And that make our marriage to flourish so I am really grateful for the book because it is excellent.” -- Mariana

    In this new non-fiction book, Reginald and Renea tell their story and explore the process they went through to resurrect their marriage. Reading this book and following the 30 hidden biblical principles will connect readers with the uncompromising transformative work that God can’t wait to do in their struggling marriages.

    The authors have proven the biblical truths laid out in this book themselves as they have successfully survived 3 separations and a contested divorce. Happily married and going strong, the authors wrote Resurrect Your Dead Marriage so others may leverage these same principles and get these same Christ-led results working for them.

    The book is entertaining and simple to read as the author(s) have an open and transparent conversation with readers. They share their hurts, mistakes and what led them to discover the unknown truths. There are chapters that illustrate how to overcome infidelity, build a bridge of love and how to get a broken-hearted spouse to come home again.

    Laden with scripture, the book is both encouraging and convicting. Here’s an excerpt. Writing in the introduction, Reginald says:

    “We claim we do not expect each other to be perfect, yet we get hurt when our spouse responds in a normal human way. We seem surprised we are, in fact, two broken people trying to make a whole life together and remain oblivious to the hurts, disappointments, misgivings, preconceived notions, faults and idiosyncrasies that walked down the aisle, shared the honeymoon, and moved right in with us. These were all kindling waiting for a fire to happen. The only thing needed was a spark.”

    “The good news is divorce is not inevitable. The decisions we make when we face marital discord are what determine whether the marriage continues or advances to separation.”

    Resurrect Your Dead Marriage


    Pretty Powerful

    By Eboni K. Williams

     Pretty Powerful

    FOX News co-host and radio personality Eboni K. Williams believes that women shouldn’t hide their beauty.

    Instead, they should embrace it as a positive and powerful asset.

    Why should a smart, credentialed woman with professional ambition focus on her looks? Because, in our image-driven society, looks matter. It’s a fact confirmed by studies conducted by Newsweek and others: attractive women have the edge on getting hired and promoted. Still, many women fear that playing up their beauty will distract and detract from the effort they’ve put into building up their brains.

    A media legal analyst recently promoted to co-host of The Fox News Specialists, Eboni K. Williams long struggled to reconcile her credentials as an attorney and determination to be taken seriously for what she had to say concerning the law, politics, and social justice with her commitment, from years of working as an actress and model, and competing in pageants, to how she looked. Over her professional journey, Williams, to her relief, discovered: “With the coexistence of attention to both substance and appearance, I feel empowered.” In Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success (Viva; September 12, 2017; $21.99) Eboni K. Williams encourages and empowers every woman to develop all of her strengths and flaunt all of her assets—feminist and feminine—without apology.

    Part memoir, part manifesto, Pretty Powerful interweaves stories from Eboni’s family history, childhood, and career path with insights from dynamic women in law, politics, the media, and business who have found their own way of merging style with clout. Along with sharing personal narratives, Williams offers a glimpse inside the demanding media world and delivers real-world advice on navigating pitfalls that all kinds of attractive, ambitious women face, including pettiness from other women and sexual harassment. Women will learn from:

    • The “lethal fabulousness” of Fashion Fair CEO Desirée Rogers, who stood out for her “flashiness” in her short stint as President Obama’s social secretary.

    • The cautionary tale of Sarah Palin, and the triumph of the brilliant blonde bombshell Meghan McCain over disparaging remarks about her weight.

    • Marcia Clark’s trial by fire in the court of public opinion, aggravated by an unruly perm and the condescending, sexist Judge Ito.

    • The bold power plays of conservative commentator Dr. Monica Crowley, and the evolution of Judge Jeanine Pirro from the safety of conservative suits.

    • Eboni K. Williams’ definition of sexual harassment and candid accounts of her two private meetings with former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes—plus more.

    Pretty Powerful is, ultimately, a book to inspire every woman to strut her own style, flex her mental muscles, and strive to be her best self—inside and out. Brilliant, articulate, poised, and gorgeous, Eboni K. Williams truly walks her talk .

    About the Author
    Eboni K. Williams is an attorney and a permanent co-host of Fox News Channel’s The FOX News Specialists. She also co-hosts The Curtis & Eboni Show on WABC Radio in New York City. Williams previously served as a CBS News correspondent, HLN contributor, and talk radio host for Los Angeles' KFI AM640. She began her professional career as a trial attorney specializing in criminal defense and family law. Williams received a BA in Communications and African-American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a JD from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. She resides in Harlem and loves serving her community as an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and mentoring students on topics of college readiness and leadership development. Read more at

    PRETTY POWERFUL: Appearance, Substance, and Success

    by Eboni K. Williams

    Business & Economics/Social Science/Self-Help
    Hardcover | 216 pages
    Viva Editions | September 2017
    Hardcover:$21.99 | 9781635966626
    Ebook: $13.99 | 9781635966657
    PRETTY POWERFUL: Appearance, Substance, and Success at Viva Editions



    A Memoir
    By Simba Sana

     NEVER STOP By Simba Sana

    Hook: This wrenching memoir details one man’s journey to better understand himself, human nature, and American culture. The result is a powerful, challenging personal story of struggle and success in contemporary African American life and the unexpected costs of “making it.”

    In Never Stop, Simba Sana, born Bernard Sutton, has created an affecting memoir sure to provoke a powerful reaction from a wide range of readers. In it, Sana begins by recounting his childhood in inner-city Washington, DC, in the ’70s and ’80s, which was marked by poverty, violence, the drug trade, a bout of homelessness, and the challenges imposed by his single mother’s mental illness. Sana was a strong student and made it to college, where he flourished, and then became a successful professional. At the same time, he gew into an impassioned Black Nationalist and Pan-Africanist. He lived the corporate life at Ernst & Young by day while leading radical consciousness-raising groups by night.

    In an attempt to bind these disparate elements of his life together, Sana built Karibu Books, perhaps the most successful black-owned company in the history of the book industry. Struggling with the paradoxes in his identity and in his life, Sana was ultimately unable to overcome a series of business reversals, and everything he had worked so hard to build—his business, his marriage, and his family—were quickly lost.

    Never Stop is a remarkable story of success, struggle, and the journey to rebuild a life by focusing on the meaning and the importance of love.

    Simba Sana is the cofounder and former leader of Karibu Books, one of the largest black-owned companies in the history of the American book business. He graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University with a double major in accounting and business. He later earned a master’s degree in African Studies from Howard University and a master’s degree in liberal arts from St. John’s College. He lives in Maryland with his wife and three children.

    Never Stop, Trade Paper, Agate Bolden,
    September 12, 2017, 978-1-57284-192-5, 5.5 x 8.5, 336 pp,
    Biography/Autobiography/Personal Memoirs, $17

    Never Stop


    TAKE THE LID OFF: Trust God, Release the Pressure, and Find the Life He Wants for You

    By Smokie Norful - On Sale September 5

      Smokie Norful

    (Black PR Wire) Nashville, TN (August 10, 2017) – When the pressure of life seems to boil over—and it does for everyone—Pastor and Grammy-winning musician Smokie Norful has one piece of advice: take the lid off. This concept was inspired by watching his grandmother make her signature dish of sweet rice. When the heat got too high, the pot began hissing and boiling over, like it was about to explode. His grandmother would remind him the only way to avoid an eruption is to remove the lid. Similarly, the only way to avoid an emotional overload is to take our own lids off—that is, to stop being trapped inside ourselves and instead look to God and his grace to show us the strategy for becoming all he intends us to be.

    This is the premise behind Norful’s new book Take the Lid Off: Trust God, Release the Pressure, and Find the Life He Wants for You (Thomas Nelson, September 5, 2017). In Take the Lid Off, Norful—who is the founder and pastor of Victory Cathedral Worship Center, a congregation of 5,000 members with three campuses in the Chicagoland area—outlines four steps that help us to relieve the pressure and draw closer to God in the process:

    (1)  Look Inward, experiencing the cleansing of forgiveness and the power of God.

    (2) Look Outward, seeking for others to experience the joy of living for God and have the best God has to offer.

    (3) Look Upward and marvel at God’s love and strength to accomplish his purposes.

    (4) Move Onward, devising a strategy to accomplish all God has put in our hearts to do.

    Norful, through detailed explanations and relatable examples, guides readers in understanding that, when you focus on these four steps, the pressure of life goes down, you gain peace and perception, and things work out much better in the end. By working to “take the lid off,” readers can become the people they were created to be.

    To underscore the message of Take the Lid Off Norful is partnering with his long-time label home, Motown Gospel, to release a digital-only album titled Nothing Is Impossible. The twelve-track project, available September 9, 2017, features some of Norful’s most beloved songs of encouragement and inspiration, including “Still Say Thank You,” “No One Else,” and “Run ’Til I Finish.”

    For more information, visit

    About the Author:
    Smokie Norful is founder and senior pastor of Victory Cathedral Worship Center, a congregation on three campuses in Bolingbrook and Chicago, Illinois. A multiple Grammy-winning artist who has sold more than three million albums worldwide, he has also received Stellar awards; Dove awards; an NAACP Image Award nomination; and countless other accolades. He lives with his wife and family in the Chicago area.


    Destined For Greatness

    By Co-Author Shantay Carter

     Destined For Greatness

    Co-Author of New Book “Destined For Greatness” Book Launch Set To Be Held On August 12, 2017 In Charlotte, North Carolina

    Charlotte, North Carolinia—Co-Author of New Book Destined For Greatness Book Launch Set To Be Held On August 12, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The book launch will be held at the Black Finn 210 E. Trade St. Charlotte, NC. The book launch will begin at 12:00 pm and end at 3:00 pm. Get tickets today at:

    Co-Author Shantay Carter’s new book Destined For Greatness will be telling her journey from Nursing to becoming a NursePreneur. The book is a collaboration book comprised 9 nurses who all share their journey to greatness. Women play a vital role in many aspects of society, and none more important than the field of Nursing and Entrepreneurship. “I am hoping that this book will inspire aspiring nurses and entrepreneurs, and future leaders who will aspire to greatness in the nursing field, just has each of the nine authors who have pinned their journey to greatness in this must read book.” Shantay Carter, Co-Author of New Book “Destined For Greatness”

    Product details—Book—Destined For Greatness

    Paperback: 180 pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 9, 2017)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 154882206X
    ISBN-13: 978–1548822064
    Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches

    The book’s major goal is to empower and educate women of all ages and ethnicities!

    About: Shantay Carter -When it comes to Shantay Carter, helping others is more than just a job—it’s her passion and her purpose. Her passion is seen in the many facets of her life, such as her dedication to nursing and her ambition which led her to becoming the Founder of Women Of Integrity Inc. The New York area native has an extensive history of letting her caring nature guide her career path and life goals.

    She has been influenced strongly by the superwoman in her family who serve as prominent role models in her life.

    Shantay decided to dive head first into the nursing field, after spending years selfishly volunteering as a Candy-Striper while in high school. She then headed to Binghamton University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. In 2000, she began working at Binghamton General Hospital as a registered nurse, and in 2002, Shantay continued her career at North Shore-LIJ Health Systems.

    She currently works as an Orthopedic/Bariatric nurse on a medical/surgical floor.

    After noticing the lack of guidance for young girls in the Long Island area, Shantay decided to create her non-profit, Women Of Integrity Inc. The seven-year-old organization has already made huge strides in its mission to “empower and educate women of all ages and ethnicities. Women Of Integrity Inc.’s signature event is its prom dress drive, dress giveaway, and makeover project that held annually each year.

    Shantay believes that “what you put out in life, you get back, which to her means if you put out positivity, then you will get back positivity it’s our job to give back in any way we can.”

    Shantay modestly holds a number of accomplishments and honors for her work including being a Wholeness of Life Award winner at North Shore University Hospital in 2012 NSLIJ Health System, 2013 President’s Award nominee. In 2014, Shantay was honored as a Making A Difference Award honoree and a semi-finalist in P&G’s My Black is Beautiful Ambassador Search.

    More recently, in 2015, she received the Darby Foundation’s Community Service Award and a Community Service Award from the Hempstead Chamber Of Commerce. In 2017, she was a 2017 Woman of Power Honoree from the Caribbean Business Connections Organization. Shantay Carter has received the community service award from the Freeport-Roosevelt NAACP as an Unsung Hero.

    Shantay currently lives in Hempstead, NY and when she’s not helping patients or out making teen girls feel amazing, you can find her enjoying music, art, baking…or flashing her award-winning smile. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and a member of Black Nurses Rock, Inc

    Visit Shantay Carter Co-Author of Destined For Greatness online today at


    Spanish Harlem:
    El Barrio in the '80s

    By Joseph Rodriguez

     Spanish Harlem

    When Brooklyn-raised photographer Joseph Rodriguez first debuted his body of work shot in Spanish Harlem in the 1980s, it changed the face of documentary photography. Grit, elegy, celebration, pride, lurking cataclysm—all embedded in the portrait of a place and the people. Now, three decades later, Rodriguez and powerHouse Books are revisiting that groundbreaking series: unearthing huge new caches of images, and re-editing and showcasing the body of work in a beautiful, deluxe monograph, reframing the project as one that pushed beyond documentary into the realm of fine art. Over 30 years since the project began, Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the 80s finally brings this unparalleled endeavor to fruition.

    Spanish Harlem, New York’s oldest barrio, is the U.S. mecca where Puerto Ricans first established themselves in the 1940s. One of America's most vital centers of Latino culture, Spanish Harlem is home to 125,000 people, half of whom are Latino. Shot in the mid-to-late 80s, Joseph Rodriguez’s superb photographs bring us into the core of the neighborhood, capturing a spirit of a people that survives despite the ravages of poverty, and more recently, the threat of gentrification and displacement. In a now-distant landscape littered with abandoned buildings, ominous alleyways, and the plague of addiction, the residents of Spanish Harlem persevered with flamboyant style and gritty self-reliance.

    The heart of the work comes from Rodriguez’s intimacy and access. The trust and familiarity he built with his subjects—repeated visits with no camera, then no photographing, then little by little, a peek here, a shot there—allowed him to transcend surface level sheen and exploitation to capture images that reveal the essence of the neighborhood and of the era. That access paired with a sharp eye for detail and composition, and the practiced and disciplined ability to find the perfect moment, led to the creation of an entirely unique and breathtaking narrative. From idyllic scenes of children playing under the sprinklers on the playground, or performing the Bomba Plena on “Old Timer’s Day,” to shocking images of men shooting up speedballs and children dying of AIDS, Rodriguez reveals a day in the life of the barrio in the 1980s.

    Joseph Rodriguez was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He began studying photography at the School of Visual Arts and went on to receive an Associate of Applied Science degree at New York City Technical College. He worked in the graphic arts industry before deciding to pursue photography further. In 1985 he graduated with a Photojournalism and Documentary diploma from the International Center of Photography in New York. He went on to work for Black Star photo agency, and print and online news organizations like National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, Newsweek, Esquire, Stern, and New America Media.

    He has received awards and grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Artists' Fellowship, USC Annenberg Institute for Justice and Journalism, the Open Society Institute Justice Media Fellowship and Katrina Media Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography, and the Alicia Patterson Fellowship Fund for Investigative Journalism. He has been awarded Pictures of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association and the University of Missouri, in 1990, 1992, 1996 and 2002.

    He is the author of Spanish Harlem, part of the “American Scene” series, published by the National Museum of American Art/ D.A.P., as well as East Side Stories: Gang Life in East Los Angeles, Juvenile, Flesh Life Sex in Mexico City, and Still Here: Stories After Katrina, published by powerHouse Books. Recent exhibitions include the Hardhitta Gallery, Cologne, Germany; Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography, University of La Verne, California; Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff, Wales, UK Institute for Public Knowledge, New York, NY; Moving Walls, Open Society Institute, New York, NY; and Cultural Memory Matters, 601 Art Space, New York, NY.

    Spanish Harlem

    Documentary Photography / Spanish Harlem / 1980s
    Hardcover, 11.75 x 9.25 inches, 200 pages
    ISBN: 978-1-57687-825-5, $40.00 US/CAN


    A Tell of Two Wars

    Ishmael Graham

     Ishmael Graham

    Those who care:

    I look back over the past 50 years and wonder how did we let this get so far out of hand. I am a 70 year old Vietnam Vet. I am talking about my generations who must bare most of the blame. We knew better, we let the 'village' turn into the 'hook' right before our very eyes. Each generation after us has gone deeper and deeper into the wilderness and are truly lost now. In my desire to find out what happened, why and how can we help those who come after us find their way out.

    I have gone back to trace what I believe the root of the problem to expose the causes and the affects it had on not only black people but America as a whole. Dr.King said 'America has a sick soul' that causes our young people to loose their lives in record numbers. In my book I start in the middle 1960's and the middle of the Vietnam War to show how that evil war over there had such a profound effect on transending it's horror to our cities turning them into the battle grounds and wastelands we see today. Follow me on this journey in my book 'A Tell of Two Wars' to see for yourself.


    The Shores of Our Souls

    Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

    The Shores of Our Souls

    The Shores of Our Souls [TouchPoint Press, August 1, 2017], Kathryn Brown Ramsperger created a love story unlike any other. Reminding us our national roots, this powerful love stories touches on a couples resilient nature when overcoming obstacles.

    We’re introduced to Dianna, a southern Christian who escapes her roots to become a researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Qasim, an Arab Muslim U.N. official fleeing family obligations in 1980s war-torn Lebanon. The immediate connection between the couple propels them into an epic love story. Qasim and Dianna share a keen intellect, ambition and world philosophy. But the couple struggle for acceptance from their closest allies; Dianna’s housemate Leah enjoys fueling all doubt and selfishly tries to break them apart, while Jamal, Qasim’s mentor, maintains a steadfast loyalty to the corrupt political forces in Lebanon and acts on every account to ensure the pair do not act on their love.

    This novel reminds us of our nationalistic dreams to overcome the evils that try to confide nations and cultures. Americans will forever value the opportunity and freedoms guaranteed to all citizens. This novel shows us that cross cultural relationships face scrutiny, but if we remember our roots and American values, love can prevail.

    The Shores of Our Souls



    The Untold Story of American White Supremacy

    The Untold Story of American White Supremacy

    The underground bestseller How White Folks Got So Rich: The Untold Story of American White Supremacy.

    This latest 2017 expanded edition has 57 added pages of fascinating history, unknown facts, and up-to-date statistics. The book has become so popular among the masses that it is actually being used as money in the prison system.

    New sections on how the European settlers set up systems to acquire [steal] land (on pages 16 to 22). The acquisition of LAND is our most important Black priority. It is critical that we understand how the current rulers obtained all of theirs.

    Read about:

    The Good Ol’ Boy Network • Inheritance • Grandfather Clauses • Subprime Mortgages Sharecropping • Headrights • Slavery • Jim Crow • The Black Tax • Immigration • Predatory Lending • Forced Consumerism • White Domestic Terrorism • Homestead Act • Social Security • Minimum Wage Law Public Housing: “The Projects” • G.I. Bill • AFDC • Affirmative Action • Corporate Welfare • False Flag Nation • Covert Operations • Police Power • Prison Industry • War on Black Drug Users...and Much More!

    The book retails for $10 and wholesale discounts are available to churches, mosques, bookstores, retailers, and individuals.

    Write to us to order or to comment:

    Purchase with Paypal:

    Read how Homeschoolers are using the book:


    The Perils of “Privilege”: Why Injustice Can’t Be Solved by Accusing Others of Advantage

    by Phoebe Maltz Bovy

    The Perils of Privilege

    Systematic injustice is real and is undoubtedly a problem in our culture. Racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry are alive and well. “Privilege” hasn’t helped. In her debut book, Phoebe Maltz Bovy offers "an exploration of how the idea of 'privilege' has morphed over the years" (Kirkus Reviews). Since 2010, she has been following instances of “your privilege is showing” or YPIS on her blog and has long found the phenomenon of privilege-accusation fascinating. The Perils of “Privilege” is an investigation of and argument against the ubiquitous idea of privilege and covers the use of the word in everything from politicians’ rhetoric to online activism and literary criticism.

    About The Book
    Privilege—the word, the idea, the j’accuse that cannot be answered with equanimity—is the new rhetorical power play. From social media to academia, public speech to casual conversation, “Check your privilege” or “Your privilege is showing” are utilized to brand people of all kinds with a term once reserved for wealthy, old-money denizens of exclusive communities.

    Today, “privileged” applies to anyone who enjoys an unearned advantage in life, about which they are likely oblivious. White privilege, male privilege, straight privilege—those conditions make everyday life easier, less stressful, more lucrative, and generally better for those who hold one, two, or all three designations. But what about white female privilege in the context of feminism? Or fixed gender privilege in the context of transgender? Or weight and height privilege in the context of hiring practices and salary levels? Or food privilege in the context of public health? Or two parent, working class privilege in the context of widening inequality for single parent families?

    In The Perils of Privilege, Phoebe Maltz Bovy examines the rise of this word into extraordinary potency. Does calling out privilege help to change or soften it? Or simply reinforce it by dividing people against themselves? And is privilege a concept that, in fact, only privileged people are debating?

    About The Author
    Phoebe Maltz Bovy is a writer born and raised in New York City, now living in Toronto. Her essays on privilege have appeared in The New Republic and The Atlantic, among other publications. She has a doctorate in French and French Studies from New York University.


    You're the Goon for Me

    by Nai

    Youre the Goon for Me

    Jewell was your typical d-boy who runs the streets. He's known as the king of the south side, but now he is looking to expand his operation. With the right queen by his side, he feels that his dynasty will be complete.

    Renowned author of You're the Goon for Me and Overdosed on You: A Love of My Own.

    You're the Goon for Me
    Overdosed on You: A Love of My Own


    My Life As a Mermaid - A Tale to Be Shared

    by Michelle D. Smith

    My Life As a Mermaid - A Tale to Be Shared

    Do you believe in mermaids? This is a channelled story regarding a past life as a mermaid. After a series of synchronistic events, I received instructions from my angels on how to access my personal Akashic records.

    My Life As a Mermaid includes spiritual information as well as many answers to questions I had while writing. As a long time spiritual seeker, it was not until I read the manuscript several years after receiving the information propelling me to self publish. Do you believe in reincarnation? Are you a spiritual seeker? I invite you to explore the world of mermaids!

    My Life As A Mermaid, A Tale To Be Shared was selected by the Baltimore County Public Library for inclusion in their Local Author Collection (December 2016)!

    My Life As a Mermaid


    Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock!

    written by Alexandria and Zoe Hitt

    Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock

    (BPRW) Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock!, and Christmastime In The Snowtime With Coco The Sand Girl! Now Available


    (Black PR Wire) Just in time for the holidays, the Hitt family invites you and yours to take part in the celebration of two unique, exciting and dynamic books written by Alexandria and Zoe Hitt.

    The first book, entitled “Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock!” is a celebration of the Golden Season: Part One. This enchanting story is about a boy named Kolby who lives in Miamitown. Kolby is curious about seeing snow during Christmas. Although his wish to see snow this year during Christmas becomes a challenge, he and his friends still have a great time. While celebrating in Miamitown, they experience an unexpected, magical and amazing moment during one of the last days of the “Golden Season!” Young readers will enjoy how Kolby celebrates Christmas traditions and activities in the sunshine!

    The second book, entitled “Christmastime In The Snowtime With Coco The Sand Girl!” is a celebration of the Silver Season: Part Two. This delightful story is about how Kolby finally gets his wish to see snow during Christmas for the very first time. Kolby is so excited to finally experience all of the Christmas time traditions and activities in the snow in Erietown. While celebrating with his cousins and new friends, he experiences another unexpected, magical and amazing moment during one of the last days of the “Silver Season!” Young readers will enjoy Kolby’s magical Christmas adventure in the snow!

    “We hope you enjoy this magical Christmastime journey - sunshine and snowtime style,” shares the Hitt Family.

    Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock

    About the Authors: Alexandria and Zoe Hitt have worked on these children’s stories for over seven years. What began as a fun activity in the backseat of their parent’s car on the way to elementary school in Miami, has now developed into one huge Christmas story. So big, they had to create a “Part One” and a “Part Two.” Alexandria served as the lead author for part one of this magical Christmas adventure which introduces the character Coco the Magic Rock. Zoe took the helm as the lead author for part two which continues in the snow with Coco the Sand Girl!

    Alexandria is now a freshman in college working on her international finance career while younger sister Zoe is home schooled following her tennis dreams. Both have aspirations to write more books in the future.

    To obtain a copy of the books: “Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock!: Celebration Of The Golden Season: Part One” - 40 pages/hardcover - $19.99 13:978-0977992034 - Publication date is October, 2016. “Christmastime In The Snowtime With Coco The Sand Girl!: Celebration Of The Silver Season: Part Two”- 46 pages/hardcover - $19.99 13:978-0977992041 - Publication date is December, 2016. Both books are published by Imaas Books (IB) and printed by Lightning Source and are available at,,, and other fine online bookstores. You can also visit Pyramid Books 544-2 Gateway Blvd.Boynton Beach, FL 33435

    For more information, visit (it is spelled with 3 “l” in roaddollls), or; and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - roaddollls.


    The Climb

    Life, Mountains of Struggles and How I Overcame Them

    Authored by Ms Kyndra Lorraine Donelson

    Life, Mountains of Struggles and How I Overcame Them

    "The Total Sum." We all are who we are today from yesterday's struggles. Let's try something real quick, a bit of "what if" and how do you think the story would end? Not quoting any statistics or case studies here, because, believe it or not, more than half of you have been thru this. Imagine growing up in a household where, as a child, you experience verbal and emotional abuse by those who were supposed to protect you. No doubt this can be quite a traumatic way to live, to grow up and exist.

    KD always looked deeper into things. There were some underlying issues before the abuse began. That's not to say it's defending the act, but it is spotlighting a very serious issue instead.

    Mental health and illness is a subject nowadays that seems to escape the focus of many and it doesn't matter what color, race, gender or lifestyle. It is hardly ever addressed and it becomes the ugly beast that affects all people in one way or another. KD speaks of it as a beast and a problem because of its everlasting effects on young and old minds. It destroys the foundation of a happy and prosperous life.

    So dig deep inside yourself. Wonder how it would feel growing up in a world where you are made to feel like you are the enemy, the problem and the issue. They say our backgrounds and family life most times determine our future, our trends, like the old saying, "It runs in the family." These instances are guaranteed to have been deemed true most times, but in this case, that cycle was broken.

    After years of verbal abuse and a saving grace in the form of her grandmother and aunt, KD foiled the future predictions that were spoken over her, "Never gonna amount to anything," "I hate you." From before the beginning, the abuse went on and on.

    There are many who have gone thru the same, if not a worse course of events in their lives, being spoken against and defamed for being unwanted, being a love child. Unfortunately, there are millions of young boys and girls who have lived this horror and have not been able to rise above it, but let KD share with you a story of promise and hope. "The Climb: Mountains of Struggles and How I Overcame Them"

    About the author:
    Kyndra Lorraine Donelson is a native of Nashville, TN, currently living in Atlanta, GA. A product of her environment, her life experiences have undoubtedly been the catalyst for her journey to a successful career and purpose driven lifestyle. Her vision for writing this book was to give the reader a glimpse into her life and how she survived, blessed by the Grace of God, turning what would have been a negative into positive.

    Kyndra has had her successes; in the jewelry business, working with music artists, marketing and promotions, branding of her own clothing line, style and movement, KD(tm)Brand and tagline #ProtectYoEnergy. Add Published Author to her current resumé that keeps growing every week! She is involved with the art and music industry which she supports in everyway possible when given the opportunity to help showcase the many endeavors of her clients and friends alike. Stay connected with her and become part of the movement to spread positive messages and encouragement to the youth and other creative souls.

    Publication Date: Oct 17 2016
    ISBN/EAN13: 0692803262 / 9780692803264
    Page Count: 228
    Binding Type: US Trade Paper
    Trim Size: 6" x 9"
    Language: English
    Color: Black and White
    Related Categories: Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs


    The Meaning of Michelle: 16 Writers on the Iconic First Lady and How Her Journey Inspires Our Own

    By Veronica Chambers

    The Meaning of Michelle

    (St. Martin's Press; on-sale January 10, 2017) is a collection of essays written by a variety of writers, artists, and thinkers who bring to the table smart, engaging perspectives on our current First Lady.

    Michelle Obama is utterly beloved. This new book showcases what makes her unlike any other First Lady in history and why she has been so important on so many levels. From her first moments on the public stage, she has challenged traditional American notions about what it means to be beautiful, to be strong, to be fashion-conscious, to be healthy, to be First Mom, to be a caretaker and hostess, and to be partner to the most powerful man in the world.

    Tributes to the First Lady are starting to pour in, but this is the first book to fully explore what Michelle Obama means to our culture. Some of the essayists in this collection include:

    • Roxane Gay

    • Brittany Cooper

    • Chirlane McCray

    • Phillipa Soo

    Glamour recently praised The Meaning of Michelle as “powerful,” in addition to:

    "That sense of gratitude resonates through each offering in this compilation, a warm tribute to an inspiring woman of color who has lived in the public eye for more than eight years." —Publisher's Weekly

    "The variety of contributors allows for different perspectives on their common subject—as a fashion icon, a cultural arbiter, the self-proclaimed "mom-in-chief," partner in a mutual girl crush with Beyoncé, fitness and food advocate, and a wife who supports but does not defer." —Kirkus Reviews

    About the Author
    Veronica Chambers is a prolific author, best known for her critically acclaimed memoir Mama’s Girl. She’s been a top editor at Glamour, Good Housekeeping, and Newsweek, among other magazines. In 2012 and 2013, she developed and launched Latina magazines for Conde Nast and Hearst. She has been the recipient of several awards including the Hodder fellowship for emerging novelists at Princeton University and a National Endowment for the Arts fiction award.


    Successful Women Speak Differently

    By Valorie Burton

    For over 15 years, Valorie has been coaching and speaking around the globe and is a regular guest on national TV programs that include The Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC.

     Valorie Burton

    The holidays are meant to be a joyous time spent with family and friends but for some it can be a challenge with full schedules, planning travel and gatherings- but life strategist Valorie Burton can help you make the holidays memorable and less stressful:

    Being an Example of Gratitude: The best way to teach your children to be grateful is to lead by example. Valorie can offer five easy ways to express appreciation.... a thank you note, call and expressing your thanks, take them out for lunch, send a small gift, or return the favor.

    Managing Holiday Stress: Trying to keep everyone happy and make it to every holiday party and kids event? Valorie offers quick tips on setting your priorities, managing your own schedule and polite ways to decline an invite. Keeping peace at family gatherings (keeping peace with the in-laws and exes, stay away from topics like past mistakes, politics and religion). Conversation starter ideas for all groups.

    Tips to Improve Your Speaking: Your voice inflection, tone and word speed reflect insecurities and authenticity. Change what you think and say in critical moments, The importance of being present/undivided attention. Your appearance, grooming, disposition and smile can trigger success. Your posture can boost your confidence and lower your stress level.

    Know What NOT to Say: Using discretion when you share your opinion or who you confide in. Words can not be taken back - learn when best to say nothing. Caution on gossip, and reacting emotionally and what you share on social media, texting and emails.

    Get a Head Start on Your New Year's Resolution: 48% of New Year's resolutions fail. Don't call it a resolution call it a goal/new beginning! Valorie can offer tips on setting realistic goals and succeeding. Gauging your progress. Give yourself some grace if you break your resolution (and how to start over again).

    Valorie is the author of over eleven books including Successful Women Think Differently and Happy Women Live Better. She is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute that provides tools and training that build resilience, well-being, and productivity for life and work.

    More info: or twitter: @valorieburton


The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster: A Fresh Perspective On A Conflicted Musical Genius

By JoAnne O'Connell
Rowman and Littlefield

New York, November 22, 2016 – Once revered the world over, Stephen Foster's plantation songs like "Old Folks at Home” and "My Old Kentucky Home,” fell from grace in the wake of the Civil Rights movement due to their controversial lyrics. In The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster, A Revealing Portrait of the Forgotten Man Behind "Swanee River,” "Beautiful Dreamer,” and "My Old Kentucky Home” ( Rowman and Littlefield), author JoAnne O'Connell offers a critical reassessment of the life, politics, and legacy of the misunderstood and neglected father of American music.

While Foster embraced the minstrel tradition for a brief time and became famous for it, he refined the genre and infused his songs with sympathy for slaves before abandoning the medium altogether. O'Connell argues that rather than defining Foster by his questionable plantation songs, he should be acknowledged as a prolific composer who concealed his true feelings in his lyrics and wrote in diverse styles to satisfy the changing tastes of his generation. A conflicted musical genius, Foster vacillated between the refined parlor songs approved by his family and the popular plantation style; between the political conservatism of his family and his president brother-in-law James Buchanan, and his own politics of compassion.

The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster demonstrates that Foster took a new direction in songwriting during the last years of his life. Isolated from the anti-Lincoln rantings of his family, the Pittsburgh born composer sequestered himself on the Bowery during the Civil War, determined to express his own voice and that of the nation. Although other biographers claim that Foster lost his muse in New York, O'Connell shows that he purposely adopted a new style of song writing that stood in the vanguard of vaudeville, musical comedy, and Broadway, and paved the way for the future of American popular music. Despite alcoholism and depression, Foster still managed to write powerful Civil War songs that he dedicated to Abraham Lincoln; wonderful comic songs that made the war-weary nation smile; and songs in innovative genres that left their mark on the continuum of American music.

No other biography examines Stephen Foster's life within the political, social, and economic context of his times. His songs in diverse genres touched the hearts of the people and assuaged their suffering during the greatest upheaval in American history. Based on extensive research into previously unpublished documents, The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster is an intimate biography written in a popular style that will appeal to music lovers, Civil War buffs, music historians, and biography readers in general. JoAnne O'Connell has a background in history and classical vocal music. She earned her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and currently spends her time researching and writing.

For more information, please visit:

The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster, A Revealing Portrait of the Forgotten Man Behind "Swanee River,” "Beautiful Dreamer,” and "My Old Kentucky Home”

By JoAnne O'Connell
Rowman and Littlefield
October, 2016
Available in bookstores and museum gift shops
Online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and
ISBN: 978-1-4422-5386-5


A Wretch Like Me: From Crack Addict to Change Agent

By Ms. Beverly A. Black

 A Wretch Like Me- From Crack Addict to Change Agent

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA: Beverly Black Johnson, founder of ‘Gumbo for the Soul’ Publications and publisher of the award-winning ‘Gumbo for the Soul’ anthology series, unveils her truth in a newly published autobiographical offering “A Wretch Like Me: From Crack Addict to Change Agent.” In this soon-to-be bestseller, Johnson renders long-held secrets, especially about the eight-year period during her crack addiction.

A Wretch Like Me: From Crack-Addict to Change-Agent. ISBN #: 978-0-9790479-4-7 and is available directly from the publisher.

Order info: Send $16.00 + 3.95 s/h - via Paypal:




The most anticipated book of summer "Why Married Men Cheat" revealed real life stories and therapeutic testimony from actual men who are married or have been married and have cheated on their wives has become Amazon's Best Seller! It is no surprise! This riveting book offers the million dollar answers to the questions women have asked for years.

 Why Married Men Cheat

Danielle Metcalf, also known as "Ms. Hitch" the Mental, Toughness Love Coach is the rising new author that just does not talk off the cuff. Danielle holds a master's degree in psychology and is known to many as the "Relationship Game Changer"! She is regarded as the top expert in changing relationships in the lives of married couples, as well as singles. And it is her personal experiences that led her to write an inspiring book that has raised eyebrows of men and women all around the world.

Prior to studying psychology, Ms. Hitch obtained a bachelor's degree in nursing and is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Her diverse professional background lends itself to having encountered many experiences and has dedicated her life to her purpose and passion through writings, discussions and one on one consulting.

"Why Married Men Cheat" is not a man bashing book! It is real insights that forces men and women to seek within themselves to see their truths. Having lived through it herself, Ms. Hitch's ex-husband opens up with his passionate testimony of why he stepped outside the marriage. In addition, comedian AJ Johnson reveals his witty yet emotional encounter on his own infidelity while other chapters take you up and down various emotions.

The success of the book is just one area Ms. Hitch has prevailed. As a The Mental, Toughness Love Coach, she provides one on one consultation to married couples, individuals for self-help, singles seeking mates, corporate companies for mental toughness training and to celebrities for mental strength enduring auditions. Ms. Hitch has successfully guided paths to life changing resolve to all that have worked the processes implemented for them.

 Why Married Men Cheat

According to Ms. Hitch, "Mental Toughness is the control and manipulation of emotions, directed at any desired outcome from a navy seal surviving in a war zone to a person in a relationship or sales position. Mental Toughness makes the difference between winning and losing. Mental toughness is happiness. Mental Toughness is critical thinking questions designed to make you think, and ask how your thoughts are impacting you on a daily basics!"

NOW, Ms. Hitch is taking her message on the road. Scheduling of book tours and public speaking engagements are being set up. In addition, there are talks of TV appearances, her own show not titled yet and a new romantic line "For Him" launching in 2017.

Please visit Ms Hitch's new website for dates of events, services she offers, to purchase "Why Married Men Cheat"


A Black Man in the White House Traces The Rise Of Trump To Racial Fault Lines And Lingering Fears

By Cornell Belcher

Washington, DC, October 24, 2016 – The political ascendency of Donald Trump is no mystery, according to pollster and political commentator Cornell Belcher. In A Black Man in the White House: Barack Obama and the Triggering of America's Racial-Aversion Crisis (Water Street Press, October, 2016), Belcher has conducted stunning new research on racial aversion in America to explain how we are not living in a post-racial society but instead are balancing at a critical tipping point.

America's racial fault lines run uninterrupted from the days of slavery to those of lynchings, segregated drinking fountains, and the contemporary Jim Crow of voter suppression, gerrymandered voting districts, and the attempt to nullify the presidency of America's first Black chief executive.

Cornell Belcher conducted important new research and the remarkable results illuminate just how deep and jagged these racial fault lines continue to be. He has surveyed battleground voters from 2008 through the 2016 primary season, tracking racial aversion and its impact over the course of the Obama presidency.

Given the heightened racial aversion as a consequence of the first non-white male living in the White House, the rise of Trump was a predictable backlash. The panicked response of the waning white majority to what they perceive as the catastrophe of a Black president can be heard in every cry to 'take back our country.' This panic has resulted in the elevation of an overt and unapologetic racist as the nominee of one of America's major political parties.

Let's be clear, as Belcher points out: there isn't any going back. America's changing population and the continued globalization of our marketplaces won't allow it. In order to compete and win the future, America must let go of the historic tribal pecking order and a system gamed to favor the old ruling white elite.

Cornell Belcher is an award-winning pollster and one of the premier strategists in national progressive politics. His polling was the blueprint for the heralded 50-State Strategy as pollster for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) under Chairman Howard Dean. He also served on the polling team for both Obama presidential campaigns, and has worked with both Senate and House Democrats as Senior Political Advisor to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In 2015 he was an Institute of Politics (IOP) Fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School. He is a highly sought after political commentator, and is currently president of brilliant corners Research & Strategies,

For more information, please visit:

A Black Man in the White House: Barack Obama and the Triggering of America's Racial-Aversion Crisis

By Cornell Belcher
Water Street Press
October, 2016

Available in print and digital editions from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo
Available to bookstores through Ingram
ISBN: 978-1-62134-360-8 (print)
978-1-62134-361-5 (e-Pub)
978-1-62134-362-2 ( Mobi)


Border Crossing Brothers

By Ty-Ron Douglas

Border Crossing Brothas is an explosive new book that reveals how Bermuda is a microcosm of the US, and how the small paradise island even has identical issues of race as the US, BUT, because of Bermuda's small size, it has focused on implementing real solutions for bridging racial divides.

The book is written by prolific University of Missouri Professor of Educational Leadership, Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas. His passionate teaching on Black Studies last year was a key catalyst in the University's national-media-recognized students and student-athletes protest against the school's overt racism, long before Kaepernick took a knee.

Border Crossing Brothas Redefines the "Halls of Education" by uniquely highlighting how barbershops, churches, athletic spaces and neighborhoods, are as significant as traditional schools in educating on life, race and academics, for 12 Black Bermudian males whose life journeys are profiled in the book. The book effectively demonstrates how racial disparities in the US and Bermuda are the same, and the author feels that being a University Professor in Missouri--not far from Ferguson--may not have been possible for him, had he not become a Border Crossing Brotha.

By using the intimate views of racism he had growing up in Bermuda, as well as the successful solutions created in Bermuda as a result of its small size, Dr. Douglas is able to provide a blueprint for tackling and overcoming racial division, through this anecdotal and academic work that profiles his journey and that of his 12 subjects. He is uniquely capable of seeing racial oppression through multiple lenses through his Bermudian-American experience.

Here is a link to a video promo of Dr. Ty giving a lecture to athletic university leaders that will give you a glimpse into the treasures Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas has in store for the readers of this book, including the four pillars for success in overcoming racism:


What's Your Anger Type? Shows Us How To Deal With Anger Without Resorting To Violence

By Peter Sacco

Whats Your Anger Type

New York, NY, September 28, 2016 – In a thoughtful new book, renowned author and psychologist Peter Sacco takes a good, hard look at anger and the reasons it might be disrupting our lives, and future generations. In What's Your Anger Type? Revised Edition, he asks, can anger be addictive?

"After working with individuals one-on-one in counseling and in groups, I would definitely have to say yes,” he says. "There are people who get totally aroused, empowered and motivated by their anger.” People respond to adversity and emotions one of two ways. They either run from it, or they stand up to it. "If you keep standing up to conflict or seek it, you get aroused and release adrenaline. This hormone provides a rush almost like a stimulant or 'upper.' We are seeing more of this now in acts driven by political fanaticism and moral justification.

There are twelve types of anger identified in What's Your Anger Type? Revised Edition. A series of self-inventory tests help to clarify the different anger types and provide tips on overcoming them through proven methods. The two most important facts to keep in mind about anger, Sacco says, are that anger is a normal and healthy emotion, and you are not nuts or insane when you get angry. "It is how you deal with your anger which is the most important factor,” he continues. "There's no time like the present to modify your life and make optimal living your goal.” His new book examines how 'anger' is affecting today's children in North America.

Peter Sacco is also the acclaimed author of Right Now Enough Is Enough, a self-help guide for overcoming addictions of all types by combining Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with the law of attraction. And in Why Keeping Resolutions Are So Ridiculously Difficult! The Handbook To Understanding And Overcoming Procrastination, Sacco explains that procrastination is a habit that can become an addiction, and how it is out of control in our culture - as are the bad habits and addictions which are its by-products.

In addition to being an author of many books and more than 800 magazine articles, Sacco is an award-winning lecturer at universities in both the USA and Canada, specializing in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, and mental health. He is also a frequent resident expert on several television programs and appears regularly as a guest expert on many news talk radio shows in the USA (FOX, ABC, CBS, Iheart, Coast To Coast, etc.), as well as hosting the weekly radio show "Matters of the Mind: Managing Relationships and Mental Health.” He is also an award-winning executive producer and host of documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and child issues.

For more information, please visit

What's Your Anger Type? Revised Edition
DoctorZed Publishing and Booklocker Publishing
Available in print and digital formats online everywhere
$17.95 Print
$1.00 Kindle
ISBN: 978-1634911610


It's All Good 10th Anniversary Edition

By Boogie

Its All Good

A gritty, graphic, and gripping exposé of the underworld and its inhabitants, It’s All Good—presented here as an updated, 10th anniversary edition featuring a new edit and 40 never-before-seen photographs from the series of Boogie's widely acclaimed first monograph (Miss Rosen Editions/powerHouse Books, 2006)—chronicles the predators and the prey of New York City's drug game at the start of the new millennium.

Shot in New York's most notorious neighborhoods—Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Queensbridge—Boogie gained intimate access into a world where few dare to venture, a world closed to outsiders, a world of junkies and gangsters. From the cops patrolling the project roofs to the addicts overdosing on the streets, It’s All Good captures urban life in stark, heart-stopping images and intense testimonials. Boogie brings us to a place few will escape, a place where the exit is one rock, one shot, one glock away.

“Ten years ago, when I was working on the original It's All Good, I never did contact sheets; I didn't even own a lightbox. I would look at the negative sheet by the light of the window and choose a couple of images to scan. Over the years, I realized how many images I missed, so many that should've been in the book from the beginning. I still don't own a lightbox, but ten years of editing experience counts for something!”

“A whole lot of initiations happen every day. You hear about them on the news, but you don’t know it was an initiation. You hear about somebody getting shot somewhere in New York, and nobody knows why that person got shot; nine times out of ten it was a gang initiation. I am a three-star general in the Bloods, so I know what’s going on. The majority of crime in New York City is ’cause of gangs; drugs, killings, stabbings, robberies, even the bullshit car theft, the fucking pettiest crimes and misdemeanors are all ’cause of gangs.” —Kasino, from his testimonial in It’s All Good

Its All Good

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Boogie began photographing rebellion and unrest during the civil war that ravaged his country during the 1990s. Growing up in a war-torn country defined Boogie's style and attraction to the darker side of human existence. He moved to New York City in 1998. He has published six monographs, It's All Good (powerHouse Books, 2006), Boogie (powerHouse Books, 2007), Sao Paulo (Upper Playground, 2008), Istanbul (Upper Playground, 2008), Belgrade Belongs to Me (powerHouse Books, 2009), and A Wah Do Dem (Drago Publishing, 2015). He has shot for high profile clients and has been published in world-renowned publications. Boogie lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Photography / NYC Documentary / Drug Game
Hardcover, 11-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches, 136 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57687-813-2, $39.95 US/CAN


The Freedom Song

by Mike Jordan

The Freedom Song

The book can be purchased, at, or at any book outlet around the world.

On Feb. 7, 1989, writer Mike Jordan’s 92-year-old great-grandmother called him over to her lounge chair and said she had something very important to tell him. The Bohannans of Bohannan Mountain, Ark., she said, secretly hid escaped slaves before and during the Civil War and nursed them back to good health, then got them off on their way toward Canada and freedom.

They were, she said, part of the Underground Railroad. But, she said, few people knew it or talked about it. Because he was a writer, she urged her great-grandson to track the story down and write about it. One week later, on Feb. 14, 1989, Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Bohannan passed away.

The result of that conversation, all these years later, is “The Freedom Song,” a just-released novel, based on a true story, that tells the story from three points of view: the perspectives of the Bohannans and their patriarch Henderson Bohannan, who lived on a mountainous plateau near Huntsville in the Ozarks, of Lycurgus and Lydia Johnson of Lakeport Plantation in nearby Chicot Country, and of the escaped slaves the Bohannans helped.

“The Freedom Song” is the second book in the author’s “Lost Heroes Series.” “Crockett’s Coin,” the first installment that launches the Henderson Bohannan story from a Tennessee perspective, was also released this summer. The books can be purchased on, at, or at any book outlet around the world. The website was highlighted by Createspace team members as having unique features for readers of fiction, including a patent-pending interactive author-reader process called “Coffee Break.”

“Coffee Break” pages are integrated into both the paperback version and the Kindle version of Jordan’s novels that direct readers to chatrooms to discuss the book with the author and other readers while they are still reading the book. The website also includes a “Photo Gallery” feature allowing readers to view photos of the people and places in Jordan’s novels while they are reading, and a “Back Story” page that lets the reader in on Jordan’s writing and researching process and explains the original ideas that led to his books.

The story of Jordan’s research and writing of both novels is a dramatic tale of perseverance and discovery that resulted in the award-winning journalist and professor emeritus of journalism at Pepperdine University traipsing all over Tennessee and Arkansas. On the “Back Story” section of, Jordan tells a personal story of how he discovered that the mansion at Lakeport Plantation was still standing.

Longtime Bohannan Mountain and now Huntsville resident Norma Chancellor and her late husband Harrell, who at that time still lived on Bohannan Mountain five miles west of Huntsville, told Jordan that the slaves who came to Bohannan Mountain were from the plantations of the Delta Lands of Southeastern Arkansas and specifically mentioned Lakeport. “In 1998 I decided I should travel down to where this Lakeport Plantation was and walk the walk – continuing my research for ‘The Freedom Song,’” Jordan explained. “I was sure any remnants of the old plantation probably were long gone, but at least I could walk along the Mississippi River and get a good feel for it.

“I checked into a little motel in Lake Village in Chicot County, then headed out toward where the plantation was located. Imagine my shock – and joy – when I discovered that the Lakeport mansion still stood after all these years. I was delirious with excitement.” Sam Angel, well-known Lake Village businessman, granted Jordan access inside the then-unrestored mansion. Jordan continues that story, and how he came to interview the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of slaves who toiled at Lakeport, on

The research at Lakeport, of course, ends on a high note. The boarded up and dilapidated old mansion there was donated to Arkansas State University in the mid-2000s and it has been restored to its original grandeur as a museum, open to the public weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is located southeast of Lake Village, on Highway 142, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

An in-depth website,, displays the results of the four-year restoration and on-going research there.

Reviewer Stephanie Baker, the first professional reviewer to read “The Freedom Song,” gave it her highest ratings (A+) in overall readability and content, and a letter grade of “A” for writing and story line.

She also rated the movie budget needed to bring “Freedom Song” to television or the big screen as “low,” an important book rating for the industry. Baker filed an in-depth review of author Mike Jordan’s epic novel of romance, war and social justice in 1800s America. “Freedom Song” is the second installment in the series, but Baker noted it is easily read as a standalone.

“I was particularly moved by the main female characters, one white and one slave,” Baker wrote. “Winnie is a strong matriarch who is loving and loyal . . . a strong force and lifesaver to many in the community. Mary is somewhat of a mixture of virtually every woman: she is at times a part of the white plantation owner’s realm because she serves as a model, literally, for the plantation owner’s wife.

“Mary is also part black, so there is her African heritage, which ties in with the novel’s title, ‘The Freedom Song.’ She is young, yet has an old soul due to her past experiences as a young orphan. She is feminine, yet has strength and convictions.”

Jordan’s next novel in the series, “The Runner,” also set at Lakeport and Bohannan Mountain, is due in 2018.


Living in My Father's Dream: Weep Me Not: A.K.A. the Tears of God

by Johnnie Renee

 Weep Me Not

Premise: A heartbreaking love story, not between a man and a woman,
about a father's love for his Mafia-bred son.



by Janice Warman


A book about a young boy growing up under apartheid has been recommended to American schools and endorsed by Amnesty International – accolades given to few authors.

THE WORLD BENEATH By Janice Warman is a Junior Library Guild selection

At the height of South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle, a boy must face life decisions that test what he believes – and call for no turning back.

South Africa, 1976. Joshua lives with his mother in the maid’s room, in the backyard of their wealthy white employers’ house in the city by the sea. He doesn’t quite understand the events going on around him. But when he rescues a stranger and riots begin to sweep the country, Joshua has to face the world beneath – the world deep inside him – to make heartbreaking choices that will change his life forever. Genuine and quietly unflinching, this beautifully nuanced novel from a veteran journalist captures a child’s-eye view of the struggle that shaped a nation and riveted the world.


  • Through the eyes of an innocent boy trying to fathom the injustice and brutality of apartheid, as well as his own potentially violent role in the struggle, Warman presents a gripping personal portrait of a horrific chapter in South Africa’s history. - Publishers Weekly

  • The succinct and specific prose will transport readers to a pivotal moment in history...Through a child’s eyes, Warman perfectly captures the discovery of white privilege and the intentional creation of two distinct worlds just as their dividers come crumbling down. – Booklist

  • A good complement to nonfiction about apartheid South Africa, a little-explored place and period in children's literature. - Kirkus Reviews

  • Set in 1970s South Africa, this tale is about Joshua, a young boy struggling to survive the racial legacy of apartheid...the work serves to address a critical aspect of world history and can be a valuable addition to school libraries. - School Library Journal

  • In this slim, tightly constructed novel, Warman stays true to the narrow perspective of the naive country boy observing an uprising in a city he scarcely knows. - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

  • This is simply told, with a strong sense of place, and a real appreciation of the complexity of the conflict. - The School Librarian, published by the School Library Association

    Janice Warman is a South African-born journalist whose career spans the Observer, the Guardian, the Spectator, the Daily Mail, and the BBC. She has published two nonfiction books for adults, including The Class of ’79, about three students who risked their lives to help abolish apartheid. She lives in England.

    Publication date 5/24/2016 · Price: $16.99 · HC ISBN: 9780763678562 · Ages 12+


      The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Volume 3

      by Nation of Islam

       The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews

      Purchase your copy today!

      Kindle eBook: Order Online with PayPal: Special Orders: Up to 40% discount available: email:


      The Nation of Islam has released The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 3. The hefty 536-page document focuses entirely on one case of deep significance to the Jewish people: The Unsolved Mystery of the Leo Frank Case of 1913-1915.

      In Atlanta, Georgia, 1913, a powerful Jewish leader named Leo Frank was accused of raping and murdering a 13-year-old white girl, Mary Phagan. Frank was the president of Atlanta's B'nai B'rith and so his fate had extreme implications for Jews worldwide. The murder charge was circumstantial until a Black janitor named James Conley came forward with evidence of Frank's guilt. Frank, in turn, charged Conley with that heinous crime, and so began the first courtroom battle between Blacks and Jews in America. Never before in a Southern courtroom had a Black man's word been accepted as evidence against a white man's, yet the white prosecutor and the all-white jury believed the Black factory sweeper.

      The Leo Frank case is considered the greatest single act of anti-Semitism in American history—a catastrophic miscarriage of justice that regenerated the Ku Klux Klan, launched the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and birthed the modern Civil Rights Movement.

      In its time the Leo Frank case was the Trial of the Century, very much like the O.J. Simpson case a century later. Though it is almost entirely unknown to the masses of Black people, the Jews insist that their history of oppression in America begins with Leo Frank. Before the Leo Frank Affair, Jews treated Blacks as slaves; after, Jews claimed they were the Black man's "best friend."

      Without question, the case is the central pillar of Jewish American identity. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Volume 3, finally answers the question, Who is Leo Frank?

      536 pages
      1,227 Footnotes
      Multiple Tables, Charts, Graphs
      Maps, Illustrations, Photos

      3rd in a series

      For serious students of the Black-Jewish relationship who demand uncompromising truth, the third volume of the NOI's 1,500-page series is not to be missed. Read:


      Dark Magnolias

      by Janice Dupre'

      Dark Magnolias

      How do you begin to tell someone that in less than a day your entire world has fallen apart? How do you put into words the anguish that slows through every vein in your body? How can you utter a sound when there is no breath left in you and no hope that life will ever be worth living?

      What do you say to a sweet, precious girl when her fate has been determined and her destiny leads down a cold, dark path?

      Dark Magnolias is a romance story filled with intrigue, mystery, and surprises. It is about a young girl from a Southern Louisiana plantation and the life and love she finds in New Orleans. It is available at,,, or you may contact the author directly at:

      Janice Dupre'


      Somewhere Under The Rainbow

      by Dedrick L. Johnson

      Somewhere Under The Rainbow

      Great new book about the coming into manhood in a black and white world.


      Everything and a Happy Ending

      by Tia Shurina

       Everything and a Happy Ending

      introducing you to Tia Shurina’s resonating, insightful, time-lined memoir. After being daughter, wife & ex-wife, career “assistant”, mom and friend, she became the muse for one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Shurina illuminates her awakening and transformation embracing the high road towards nourishment, satisfaction, and recognition while exuding strength, courage and kindness as a woman, friend, lover, mother, guide, muse and spirit. Her story shares her journey to give and also receive love without domination or sublimation.

      Everything and a Happy Ending’s path is one of support, and giving freely: allowing one’s inspiration to assist others on their life’s physical and spiritual journey. Shurina’s memoir takes the reader through sorrow and tribulation leading to growth, clarity, peace, release and joy as she recounts three interwoven circles and love stories with the three most important men in her life. Tia chronicles how her early relationship with her father set the foundation for her long marriage to her now ex-husband and then shares how her adult relationship with him was then able to “set the stage” for a most unique and beautiful love story with comedian and actor Ray Romano.

      She details how her faith is eternally strengthened as her own transformation and rebirth inspired her old and special friend to grow and transition himself. Shurina has been his shadow muse since a poignant and powerful reconnection became the catalyst for her secreted, shared personal evolution which became the root and core of Romano’s own metamorphosis. Her inspiration enabled him to conquer some of the greatest successes of his career.

      “My dad’s advice to me when I was younger was, “Hold your form” and I realized many years later the true significance of his insight. Those bell weather words were integral to embracing my faith, finding joy within…and without!, allowing “true” love and sacrifice, giving in peace and empowering others to recognize and rise to their truths and “best form”.

      This enticing timeline memoir is a tour de force of one woman’s emergence in singular empowerment and the recognition of the interconnected heart; balancing the spiritual and the material; and her selfless giving to another to help liberate him from a life ruled by Hollywood status and adulation.

      Through the sharing of her intimate mental, emotional, financial, spiritual and physical journey is the hope that it will drive others to find their most powerful self. States Shurina, “It’s my prayer that in reading my book, another woman feeling dissatisfied in her life can feel a spark of optimistic possibility and decide to take a babystep forward”.


      Diary of A Hip-Hop Publicist

      by Lynn K. Hobson

       Diary of A Hip-Hop Publicist
      Lynn K. Hobson

      Atlanta, GA. (October 29, 2015,) Celebrity Hip-Hop Publicist, Lynn K. Hobson releases her first book, “Diary of a Hip-Hop Publicist” and it is now available for $19.99 on

      Lynn got her feet wet in Entertainment at the Terrie Williams Agency in New York City in 1995. In 1998, she became an independent publicist and entrepreneur. “HobbieCom” (for her last name and the abbreviation for communications) was born. Clients over the years have included Mike Tyson & Jackie Rowe’s Iron M.I.C. Entertainment; Music Executives Mark Pitts and Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins; Music Producers Rockwilder;Anthony Dent; and Bryan-Michael Cox; Recording Artist Lil Mo; Authors Sister Souljah, Queen Pen, and Teri Woods; Events such as MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” for Grammy™ Award Winner Chris Brown; Record Labels Ruff Ryders; Def Jam; Koch/E1 Entertainment; Tommy Boy; Sugar Hill; and Big Cat; and RappersCam’Ron; Juelz Santana; Khia; Gucci Mane; Rasheeda; Reality Stars Kimbella, Kaylin Garcia, and more.

      With Hip-Hop clients ranging from Author/Activist Sister Souljah, Rappers Juelz Santana and Gucci Mane. Hobson has written a comical yet heart wrenching account of her career as “The Go To Publicist” in Hip-Hop. As the story takes place in New York City, this Washington, DC native takes on the challenge of being the voice to her peers of prominence.

      “In this book, I keep it real as I fight to keep my spiritual principles in tact while making it happen in the streets. It is a battle, but she makes it through to see another day, another show, another hit, and another client who has that sparkle in their eyes.” states Ms. Hobson


      Fame Whore: The Journey From Point A to a Point Beyond Reality

      Debut Novel Explores the Pitfalls and Pratfalls of Fame and Fortune

      Fame Whore
      Lacy Bell

      (Black PR Wire) -- Atlanta, GA-- When author Lacy Bell moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, on the outskirts of Atlanta, in 2011, she couldn’t help getting hooked on reality television series Real Housewives of Atlanta. Reflecting on the twists and turns of her own life, she saw a parallel between the characters on the show and herself.

      “It’s fascinating how life can suddenly take you in a direction you never dreamed of,” she says. “How much of it is just by chance, and how much is based off your decisions?”

      Tracey Alexander, the gorgeous and savvy protagonist of her debut novel, Fame Whore, definitely has her eyes on the prize—or what she thinks it is. And Tracey’s a woman who makes sure she makes things happen. But fate has a few ideas of its own.

      Tracey leaves Delaware, and a long-term relationship, arriving in Atlanta with her friend Shyann in tow. She starts her own reality show, gets involved in a sex scandal (hence the book’s title), and finds herself making tough decisions about how much of herself she’s willing to give up to get to the top.

      The likely niche for the book is the 19-26-year-old age bracket, but Bell thinks the story is universal. “Every woman can relate to Tracey,” she adds. “We’ve all had dreams, and we’ve all had heartbreaks.”

      Set for release on April 21st, 2015, Fame Whore will be available wherever books are sold, including Barnes and Noble and B.A.M. The Kindle version can be pre-ordered through

      Bell also hosts her own YouTube program Ratchet Recap on Lacy B. TV, similar in format to shows like Wendy Williams Hot Topics and Talk Soup. Each week, Bell takes the opportunity to share her unique personal commentary on urban life and reality TV.

      Bell will be making personal appearances in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C., and locations throughout Florida and Delaware to promote Fame Whore’s release. For a list of dates, or to arrange a booking, please email To sign up for Lacy B.’s newsletter, please visit


      Please God Send Me a Husband

      Book includes real-life examples from more than fifty real women who share their successes and failures

       Please God Send Me a Husband

      Dr. Monique Rainford knows all too well how difficult, frustrating, and lonely the journey to marriage can be. Her own challenging personal experience combined with the experiences of the many women she interacted with both socially and through her ob/gyn practice led her to write her newly published book Please God Send Me a Husband.

      In this guide, she draws upon her own experience and that of more than fifty women she interviewed to provide a roadmap to marriage complete with traffic signs, roadblocks, and potholes that women typically encounter on the journey to marriage.

      She notes, "Whether women succeed or not has a lot to do with how they navigate this journey."

      The book includes frank, Christian-based advice for single women on steps they need to take to find the right man, including what to look for, how to determine if someone is the right man, what kind of men to avoid, advice on premarital sex, locations in which to meet the right man, and what to do after they have found the right man. Please God Send Me a Husband even offers advice for a long and happy marriage.

      Dr. Rainford comments, "At times during my own challenging journey to marriage, I did not feel a lot of hope. I wrote this book to encourage women on the journey and give them practical tools they can use to find the right husband. I also offer advice to help their journey be more pleasant and enjoyable and to help them avoid some pitfalls and relationship traps."

      "Refreshing in its honesty, this book feels more like having a frank group chat with sister-friends than a solitary read. Written in relaxed yet elegant prose, Please God has you sailing through with ease to the end. A short and sweet must-have, especially for the single ladies out there wondering, wishing and waiting." ~ Reader Review

      "An excellent writer who gets the points across with clarity, practicality, and honesty, keeping the foundation of spirituality at hand without being overbearing." ~ Reader Review

      AUTHOR: Monique Rainford, M.D. is a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology and the author of The Maternal Glow – A Jamaican Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School, where she was recognized for her outstanding academic performance having been awarded the John Russwarm Award for Academic Excellence and the Robert H. Ebert Award in Primary Care Medicine from each university, respectively. She completed her residence in obstetrics and gynecology at Georgetown University Medical Center. She has provided relationship advice for the South Florida Times and co-founded DCLifestyleMD in 2014, an organization committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals. She is happily married to Chester Ryan Bourne, and they are the proud parents of Zane and Kia.

      Please God Send Me a Husband by Dr. Monique Rainford-Bourne; Category: Family and Relationships; Paperback: 978-0986431609, $12.99; eBook: 978-0986431616, $5.99; Availability:,,,,, All major online book retailers


      MAMA’S BOY

       MAMAS BOY

      When her son is in trouble, a heartbroken mother finds the courage and faith to save him, in ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s powerful family drama MAMA’S BOY—a novel as timely as today’s headlines.

      The breaking TV news rocks Jasper, Texas, to the core: a white police officer is fatally shot in a scuffle with three black youths—and a cellphone video captures Jamal Jones, the sixteen-year-old son of esteemed Reverend Elton Jones, escalating the tragic encounter. Now, as the national spotlight shines on a town already rife with racial tension, Jamal is a murder suspect on the run. And all of Jasper—even the reverend’s congregation—rushes to judge the teen they thought they knew.

      But Gloria Jones knows her son best, and she races to find Jamal before the law does—to the outrage of her workaholic husband. Once she finds him, she has to decide whether to turn him in or help him run. With ruthless prosecutor and Houston mayoral candidate Kay Christensen hungering to put another young thug behind bars, Gloria will face her biggest battle yet. And when long-hidden secrets and shocking lies come to light, throwing Jamal’s case and his destiny into a tailspin, all Gloria can do is pray that the truth—and a mother’s unconditional love—will be enough to redeem the mistakes of the past and, ultimately, save her son.

      MAMA’S BOY will have readers engrossed in thoughts of what they would do if facing the same situation, and inevitably having the conversation with others—a page-turner and conversation-starter all in one.

      ReShonda Tate Billingsley is the national bestselling author of more than 35 books. Four of her books will be made into BET movies: Let the Church Say Amen, Everybody Say Amen, and Say Amen, Again, (winner of the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work), and I Know I’ve Been Changed. Regina King will direct Let the Church Say Amen. Queen Latifah’s Flava Unit will be producing. Scheduled air date for Let the Church Say Amen is August 30, 2015. TV One will premiere both The Secret She Kept and The Devil is a Lie in 2016.

      Facebook: reshondatatebillingsley
      Twitter: @Reshondat


      “Beyond Myself: The Farm Girl and the African Chief”

      In a day and age where we're seemingly overrun with evil and racism, sometimes it helps to be reminded that good does exist in our world.

      Anita Dennis was a white college student in the 1960's who fell in love with and married her professor, an African American and the hereditary chief of a tribe in Liberia.

      For more than 10-years, Dennis and her husband traveled throughout Africa and conducting missionary work and assisting those who were less fortunate.

      Upon her husband’s passing, Dennis penned a memoir of their time together titled “Beyond Myself: The Farm Girl and the African Chief”.

      She published due to her desire to share her own racial and cultural experiences and create a dialogue that furthers love and understanding between all.



      by Tanille Teaches Important Love Lesson for Young Girls

       Broken by Tanille

      New York, New York – April 6, 2015 ( Broken by New York Author Tanille Edwards is a young adult novel that stars Milan, the girl everyone wants to be, but no one really knows. Milan is a young emerging teen supermodel struggling to hide her hearing disability to others. She is caught up in the sweet memories of her first love and struggling to figure out just how much she would risk for that love.

      What if the love you have risked everything for does not live up to the risk? Do you keep going or do you stand up for yourself and walk away? Milan finds herself standing at the door of these questions after she had almost given up. She is at a crossroads and must decide which way to go. These are questions and issues that face many young teens.

      Love and relationships are very complex, but important issues for young girls. When is too much love, too much risk for another become a risk to one’s own self-esteem?

      Broken is a novel conceived in the new media era where books and music can be consumed on a single platform. Every copy of Broken includes a link to download the Broken Soundtrack that includes free music from author & singer/songwriter Tanille. Tanille makes the heart-throbbing longing for a lost love come alive in her single "Baby Comeback to Me" as part of the Broken Soundtrack. Broken invites readers to enjoy a new spin on Young Adult Romance.

      About Tanille
      Tanille was recently on Voices of America, On Air with Sir and Just Wake Up Morning Show. Tanille's music was recently featured in Weekend Notes, ONYX, and Hype Magazine. She’s also been featured as the monthly Celebrity Beauty in Salon Today. Tanille has authored two young adult novels featuring her music, romance novel Broken and teen thriller Cameo. She is a New York City native with a strong pulse on young love. (


      The Evolution of Bid Whist
      150 Years in the Growth of an African American Tradition

      by Ronald L. Allen

       The Evolution of Bid Whist

      “…the definitive book on Bid Whist with its inclusion of the game’s origins and history, rules, its variations and changes, and strategies for individual improvement as a Bid Whist player.”

      More about the book

      This book includes many little-known facts about the game and addresses many of the myths created by erroneous information about Bid Whist. The book includes many tips and techniques to help both begin-ners and experienced players to improve their playing skills. Several humorous stories, historic photos, charts, and illustrations are included to stimulate the reader’s imagination on the fun and enjoyment of Bid Whist.

       The Evolution of Bid Whist - Ronald Allen

      About the author
      Ronald Allen is an avid and skillful Bid Whist player with over 55 years of experience playing Bid Whist. Al-len is highly respected among Bid Whist players across the nation, having won many tournaments over the years. Allen is a former high school teacher and retired insurance CEO with prior investigative training as a claims adjuster. He combines his extensive knowledge of the game with his investigative research skills to provide a thorough inspection and review of the truths and myths surrounding the history of Bid Whist.

      BOOK RELEASE DATE: December 2014
      Paperback, 160 pages, 6 x 9, trade paper
      Suggested retail price: $19.95
      ISBN 13: 978-1-939654-8-0
      Publisher: Life To Legacy, LLC, Orland Park, IL

      Distributors: Ingram, National Association of College Book Stores and others
      Online Retailers: Amazon, Barnes &,, Indie and more
      Also available in: Kindle, Nook, I-Phone / I-Pad, and Google

      For More information contact: Dennis Woods, Life To Legacy at (877) 267-7477, fax (877) 267-7499, email


      The Evolution of Bid Whist is an authoritative book that contains the most comprehensive information ever published on the subject of Bid Whist. It covers every aspect of the game from its origin and growth period to its American expansion into international popularity in the 21st century. Trace Bid Whist’s development and evolution from slavery in America, The Civil War, Jim Crow, The Great Migration, and the Civil Rights Era, into the present age of computor technology and online playing.





      BURBANK, CA (Jan 8, 2015) With more than 500,000 self-published books entering the marketplace this year alone, one would imagine that becoming an author in this ultra-competitive landscape is not for the faint of heart nor the consummate pessimist. The handful of writers that are successful in breaking through the clutter and landing atop best seller lists are far and few between.

      Well, fortunate for self-published author, Stephanie D. Singleton, extreme passion and relentless optimism doesn’t often bow down to generic statistics and terms like “insurmountable odds”. With an unwavering belief and a mission to positively affect the lives (and relationships) of her readers, Stephanie is determined that her new book, The Hair Between My Legswill defy those self-publishing stats.

      The book takes readers on the life altering journey of Mya Evans, a young divorced college professor who sells her soul for love but doesn’t get quite what she bargained for. An inspirational tale about finding the balance between Love, Trust and Faith, The Hair Between My Legs is filled with twists and turns that readers will find spellbinding.

      Mom turns her back away to continue stirring the pot. “Chile please, that don’t impress me. I say check his criminal background, tell me if he spoils his mama, respect his daddy and then we can resume this conversation about catching feelings.”

      “I haven’t decided if I’m going to allow him into my life for all that to come out.”
      “Well as long as it come out before he tries to get in.”
      “Get in? Get in good with you and daddy?”

      “Nawgirl! I mean get inside your purse -good! You know I like to call those slick ones little purse snatchers. They go around preying on women so they can get inside their little furry pocketbooks. In other words -the hair between your legs. They know the hair’s the secret door that leads down that pathway like I said where a woman’s priceless possessions are stashed.”

      “What do you mean by priceless possessions mommy?” I asked while sorting the dishes. She stops arranging the food and comes over to the table then held my arm to stop me from moving. Her concerning touch forced our eyes to lock together. I could tell by the seriousness of the tone in her voice she was becoming passionate about her schooling me. “You know what I’m talking about. A woman’s heart and her soul.

      A real woman doesn’t just allow anyone to go inside her purse or should I say her pathway, unless she’s for sure he’s that special one. You allow the wrong person to rob your coo-coo box you’ll find yourself going coo-coo and doing all kinds of foolishness trying to get your heart back.” she said.


      About the Author: Born and raised in Akron Ohio, Stephanie D. Singleton found her passion for writing while working as a licensed hairstylist and being exposed to the theater as a stylist. After writing and directing several plays, she released her first book, Single.ology101 8 basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life. With her new book, The Hair Between My Legs, Stephanie hopes to encourage readers to desire healthier communication within their relationships.

      Stephanie, who has spent the past 5 years in Southern California chasing her dream has learned first hand about the ups and downs of life and love and now writes from her own experiences. “I became inspired by women like myself that may have struggled in making wise relationship choices and who may have allowed their emotions to lead versus their heart. Often times when this happens, when an unhealthy relationship expires, the mislead woman is left with a scorned heart and an empty soul, and this has served as a source of inspiration for my writing. Up until now God has blessed me to see, do and experience many things beyond my childhood prayers. Some blessings I'm not permitted to share but as the church folks say, my test became my testimony and my mess is my message,” says Stephanie.

      As a woman who once struggled just to make ends meet, this self-made writer and entrepreneur is well on her way to fulfilling many of her longstanding dreams. Stephanie has already produced a short film based on the book and has her eye on a feature film.

      Watch the Short Film Now!
      For additional information and images please visit


      About the Author: Born and raised in Akron Ohio, Stephanie D. Singleton found her passion for writing while working as a licensed hairstylist and being exposed to the theater as a stylist. After writing and directing several plays, she released her first book, Single.ology101 8 basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life. With her new book, The Hair Between My Legs, Stephanie hopes to encourage readers to desire healthier communication within their relationships.


      Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town

      A Civil Rights Lesson for Today’s Generation

      MONTGOMERY, AL (December 28, 2014) — Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town is an account of civil rights history that deserves a retelling. Accounts shared by author Phil Noble bring a timely message on where we’ve been in the civil rights journey and how blacks and white have and could work together for the better of their communities.

      Anniston, Alabama, is a small industrial city between Birmingham and Atlanta. In 1961, the city’s potential for race-related violence was graphically revealed when the Ku Klux Klan firebombed a Freedom Riders bus.

      In response to that incident, a few black and white leaders in Anniston took a progressive view that desegregation was inevitable and that it was better to unite the community than to divide it. To that end, the city created a biracial Human Relations Council which set about to quietly dismantle Jim Crow segregation laws and customs.

      This was such a novel notion in George Wallace’s Alabama that President Kennedy phoned with congratulations. The Council did not prevent all disorder in Anniston—there was one death and the usual threats, cross burnings, and a widely publicized beating of two black ministers—yet Anniston was spared much of the civil rights bitterness that raged in other places in the turbulent mid-sixties.

      “Phil Noble, Presbyterian minister extra-ordinaire, belongs to that odd company of folk—all the way back to Moses—who found their life taken up in a struggle for the things of God. Like Moses and his ilk, Noble was going about his business (in his case, ministry) when his immediate context, infused with God’s purpose, put him front and center in the struggle for racial justice, a struggle he pursued with grace, wisdom, and passion.”

      —Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

      Author Phil Noble’s account is carefully researched but told from a personal viewpoint. It shows once again that the civil rights movement was not monolithic either for those who were in it or those who were opposed to it.

      “….Today, race relations are again at the forefront of our lives. Only now we are not dealing with black and white relationships. The rapid growth of Hispanic and other immigrant groups have brought an entirely new set of multi-cultural challenges. We are moving into a period in which there is no majority race in some urban areas, a trend that during the next few decades will impact most of us in the United States. What role should churches and people of faith play in these multi-cultural tensions? Phil Noble provides us with insights and reminders that are as relevant in the today's multi-cultural world as they were forty years ago. I thank God for Phil's impact in Anniston of the 1960's and on us today.”

      —John Detterick, Executive Director, General Council of the Presbyterian Church, USA

      James Phillips Noble is a Presbyterian minister who served as pastor of four churches, the last being the historic First (Scots) Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He served the Presbyterian denomination as Co-President of its Board of Pensions. He is the author of Words and Images That Seep Into the Soul (2013) and Getting Beyond Tragedy (2005). He is now retired and lives in Decatur, Georgia.

      Beyond the Burning Bus:
      The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town
      James Phillips Noble
      NewSouth Books (2003)

      ISBN: 978-1-60306-010-3
      Pages: 336
      Binding: Paperback
      Price: $19.95

      Category: History/Civil Rights
      Format: Trade Paper, 172 pages
      eBook available for Kindle, Nook, iPad

      Beyond the Burning Bus is available at NewSouthBooks.Com,, local bookstores, and through other online booksellers.




      Like her previous highly acclaimed novel No Strings Attached, which "[channeled] the challenges that independent, strong, and intelligent women face trying to find love with dignity, humor, and finesse" (The African American Literary Review), UNFAITHFUL presents a realistic view of the struggles within a relationship through a story with universal appeal.

      From a captivating voice in African American women's fiction comes the scintillating, fast-paced story of a woman caught between love and lust, loyalty and betrayal-while trying to stay true to her heart. When Melanie Sparks befriended local strip club owner Cecil Patrick, she knew her association with another man would put her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Michael, in serious jeopardy, but she couldn't resist the call to the wild side.

      Abused by Cecil and disheartened after losing Michael, Melanie found herself on stage at Cecil's strip club. One performance was enough to convince her that she wasn't cut out for life as an "entertainer," but Cecil had other plans.

      Regretful of the mistakes she made in her relationship with Michael, Melanie hoped for forgiveness and if possible, a reconciliation. If given a second chance could Melanie be trusted, or is she destined for a life of unfaithfulness?

      Author Karyn Grice focuses on creating intriguing stories with scenarios that are tangible, along with characters that readers can empathize with.

      A captivating voice in African American women's fiction, Grice will win readers loyalty with UNFAITHFUL-a scintillating story of lust, love, and betrayal!

      Karyn Grice

      About the Author:
      Karyn Grice is a native of Chicago, Illinois and the author of What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas and No Strings Attached.

      Instagram: karyngrice




      Cameo is written by the beautiful Tanille. The multi-talented Tanille is a song writer, singer and an author. She’s got it all. As a teenager, she started her musical career at the age of 16 as a songwriter and performer. At 21, she earned an MBA. Now, that is remarkable. This simply tells you reading Cameo gives you the feel of an intelligent being in Tanille.

      The book is your perfect companion when you really need to have your “me” time and you need to draw some inspiration from everywhere but the immediate environment. It keeps you wanting for more as it is full of suspense, drama, and mystery.

      The story is high school based relating the ordeals of a young high school girl that is being stalked by an individual in a secret underground society. Everyone becomes a suspect and things get a bit complicated as the nabbing person behind this act seems impossible.

      The story is a beautiful told in a simple and easy to understand language. With several great reviews coming from readers everywhere, getting a copy of Cameo is the next best thing. It is not an easy feat to rank 15 on Amazon Kindle and gives you a feel of what to expect.

      Please be advised that the book can be a bit addictive and you might want to dedicate a whole day to reading this wonderful book.

      Cameo by Tanille is your next sinful beach read. Be 17 again. Get a copy of the book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You are sure to get your money’s worth. You can get to read a chapter from the book on just to be sure you are getting the best of modern day writing.


      Amazon Welcomes 5 Star Points For Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose

      A new book by spiritual leader outlines a remarkable system to build wealth, health, & happiness

       5 Star Points For Success

      Los Angeles, CA (November 4, 2014) – Recording artist and spiritual leader, Oya Thomas, guides readers toward self-discovery and achieving personal success in her new book released today on Amazon. “The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose” is a combination of personal insights, practical solutions, and real-world action steps. Utilizing five core elements; mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment, the book details methods to build an exceptional life.

      A long-time spiritual advisor and industry leader, Oya cultivated this system to launch her first successful business as a teenager. Developed through professional and personal journeys, the “5 Star Points for Success” system has helped countless individuals overcome obstacles and dramatically improve their lives. A highly requested presenter, teacher and coach, Oya routinely speaks and performs at seminars and events nationwide.

      Oya explains, “My ‘5 Star Points’ system is not just another quick fix or a simple recipe for ‘success.’ It is about raising your level of consciousness so you can clear away the clutter, accept yourself as you are and find your authenticity.” The book is about helping readers to get un-stuck, live a life of purpose and reach their full potential.

       5 Star Points For Success

      Embodying spiritual renewal as the foundation for her music, Oya Thomas topped the UK music charts with her first single “Love” off her debut album entitled “Spirit of Oya.” Recently named “one of the best singer and songwriters in Los Angeles” by CBS local News,, Oya is captivating people all over the world with a refreshing blend of music, education and healing. Her solid repertoire includes collaborations with legends such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Kenneth Crouch & Soul in the Machine. As a certified life-coach and speaker with a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Oya uses her voice through counseling to inspire and her voice through song to uplift. She currently hosts a featured segment on the RMConAir radio show “Be Life Driven,” called “Real Talk with Oya.” Her music navigates a wide range of melodies, from gentle lyrical ballads to playfully improvised jazz tracks and uplifting gospel-inspired tunes.

      The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose is available on Amazon. Oya’s music album Spirit of Oya is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and her website,


      The Borzoi Killings

      There’s Something Rotten in Easthampton…
      Legal Thriller by Renowned Attorney Mixes Legal and Political
      Intrigue Inside Country’s Most Elite Social Bubble

       Paul Batista

      Astor+Blue Editions is proud to release the latest thriller by top criminal attorney, Paul Batista: The Borzoi Killings. (ISBNs: 978-1-938231-99-5 paperback, 978-1-941286-00-5 ePub, 978-1-941286-01-2 ePDF; list price $14.95 paperback, $5.99 eBook; pub date November 10th, 2014) A daring, addicting legal drama, with powerful socio-political issues.

      Batista is a nationally renowned expert, not only in the practice of law but also in writing brilliant legal thrillers. His first two novels, Death’s Witness and Extraordinary Rendition, have been critically acclaimed as top legal procedurals. The Borzoi Killings continues Batista’s streak of legal, technical and story-telling excellence. Set in elite, exclusive Easthampton, this novel mixes all the twists of sensational courtroom drama with all the “dirty little secrets” of the Hampton lifestyles: lavish parties, sex, drugs, corruption, and more.

      Book Description
      When the 10th richest man in the world is brutally murdered along with his prized Borzoi dogs in a luxurious Easthampton beach house, only one man is suspected of the crime: Juan Suarez, a handsome, charismatic—and illegal—Mexican immigrant who worked for the victim.

      Now, renowned trial lawyer Raquel Rematti must take on the defense of the man the media has dubbed, "The Blade of the Hamptons." Not only must she navigate a media circus to take on one of the wealthiest families in the world, she must protect Suarez, and herself, from ruthless people bent on lethal revenge; while straddling the dangerous line between concerned involvement and forbidden passion for her client.

      About the Author
      Paul Batista, novelist and television personality, is one of the most widely known trial lawyers in the country. As a trial attorney, he specializes in federal criminal litigation. As a media figure, he is known for his regular appearances as guest legal commentator on a variety of television shows including, Court TV, CNN, HLN and WNBC. He’s also appeared in the HBO movie, You Don't Know Jack, starring Al Pacino. These contacts will be used in promotion.

      A prolific writer, Batista authored the leading treatise on the primary federal anti-racketeering statute, Civil RICO Practice Manual, which is now in its third edition (Wiley & Sons, 1987; Wolters Kluwer, 2008). He has written articles for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The National Law Journal.

      Batista's debut novel, Death's Witness, was awarded a Silver Medal by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Batista is a graduate of Bowdoin College, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and Cornell Law School. He’s proud to have served in the United States Army. Paul Batista lives in New York City and Sag Harbor, New York.

      Advanced Praise

      “Paul Batista has done it again. Through the eyes of criminal defense attorney Raquel Rematti, you’ll see the criminal justice system laid bare. The book is truly 'shock and awe.' A must read.”
      --Lis Wiehl, NY Times Bestselling Author, Television Anchor

      “The Borzoi Killings is one fine book indeed, keeping you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Paul Batista surprises you again and then all over again…right up to the last page. Hold on to your hat – you’re in for a great ride!”
      --Rikki Klieman, Legal Analyst; author of Fairy Tales Can Come True

      “The Borzoi Killings is Paul Batista’s newest entry into the world of high-powered murder/courtroom mysteries. From the brutal murder that leaps off of the first pages, through the twists and turns of the investigation, and the drama of the trial, Batista channels an insider’s knowledge of crime and punishment, together with a craftsman’s creation of compelling characters, into a page-turning, thrilling, and ultimately shocking journey. A must read!”
      --Jack Ford, author of The Walls of Jericho, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning television journalist).


      IMAGINE THIS: Creating the Work You Love

      New memoir and “creative self-help” book from acclaimed author Maxine Clair

       Maxine Clair

      Maxine Clair’s fiction has won major awards from the American Library Association and Chicago Tribune, as well as a Guggenheim fellowship, and her books have been celebrated in the New York Review of Books, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus, among others.

      In this first work of nonfiction, Clair blends the story of her own midlife evolution from medical technologist to award-winning poet and author with advice for readers dreaming of similar transitions. Clair narrates her own life as a series of experiences on the road to creative growth, offering readers corresponding guidance for each step of their own journeys. One part memoir, one part guide to channeling creativity, this book will resound with readers struggling to discover new creative outlets in their lives, and to “nights and weekends” types whose creative endeavors need reinvigoration.

      “You create not what you want, but what you believe, and what you can accept,” Clair advises readers. “Wake up to wherever you are right now. Get clear about your passion. Keep going. The way to arrival and success is shorter now than it has ever been.”

      Maxine Clair is a poet, short story writer, and novelist. Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, she had a career in medical technology as chief technologist at a D.C.-area children's hospital before pursuing and earning her MFA at American University. She taught English until 2008 at George Washington University, where she currently holds the title of Professor Emerita.

      Imagine This, 978-1-932841-83-1, 6x9, Trade Paper, October 20, 2014 Memoir/Personal Growth & Psychology $15, 160pp


      Beyond Mindfulness

      The Direct Approach to Lasting Peace, Happiness, and Love Stephan Bodian

       Beyond Mindfulness

      Imagine being able to sit quietly, relax, and let go of your stressful thoughts so thoroughly that you settle effortlessly into a deep and abiding happiness and peace. This is not something you need to work hard to achieve-- it’s actually your natural state, hidden beneath all the conditioning of a lifetime.

      “Mindfulness has unparalleled psychological and health benefits,” says Stephan Bodian, author of the new book Beyond Mindfulness. “It can make you happier, improve your health, increase your concentration, and enhance your overall well-being. I show people that happiness is something you already have, can discover, and develop, not something out there in the distant future, that you need to constantly expend effort to achieve.”

      With over 40 years as a Zen teacher, Bodian is uniquely qualified to critique the current mindfulness movement and offer a more direct and effortless approach to lasting happiness and peace that doesn’t require rigorous meditation practice or the cultivation of special states of mind.

      In particular, Bodian warns of the “witnessing trap”—where people become adept at “doing mindfulness” but have difficulty living life in a more spontaneous and intimate way. To avoid the witnessing trap (and the other pitfalls of mindfulness) and achieve a natural state of relaxed openness, spontaneity, and ease, Bodian recommends a variety of guided meditations that introduce and help people reach a state of awakened awareness. Here are some of the pointers he offers:

      Rest in the stillness: Beneath all the drama lies the ground of being that’s eternally awake and undisturbed by the ups and downs of life. Connect with it directly.

      Discover the “I AM”: Prior to all the identities—“I am smart/stupid, I am lovable/unlovable, I am attractive/unattractive”—lies the simple declaration “I am.” Follow this statement back to its source.

      Let it be: Most meditation aims to manipulate the mind in order to induce some special experience. In true meditation you welcome everything just as it is and lay bare your naturally enlightened state of openness and ease.

      Experience the inherent perfection: Without consulting your thoughts, ask yourself, Is anything missing from this moment right now? What you find may be a revelation.

      Rest in the gaps between thoughts: Generally the mind is filled with thoughts and feelings. But every now and then a natural pause or gap appears that effortlessly reveals an inner spaciousness. Practice resting in the gap.

      Dissolve the boundaries of the body: Ordinarily we think the body stops at the skin, but this is just an arbitrary distinction. The body is actually boundless and includes everything.

      Realize that the separate self is just a construct: If you look closely at what you take yourself to be, you find that it’s just a collection of stories, memories, thoughts and beliefs, without any abiding substance. See through the self-construct, and let your suffering be a thing of the past.

      Who is experiencing this moment right now?: You say, “I think, I feel, I see, I know” but do you really know what this “I” refers to? It can’t be the body or the brain, because those can be the objects of experience and so can’t be the experiencer. Discover the answer to this question, and you free yourself from the burden of a lifetime.

      List $12.95
      Trade Paperback 136 pages
      Published by Waterfront Digital Books
      ISBN: 978-1-941768-03-7
      For more information visit





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